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In Don’t Waste Your Looks on Likes: How to Breakout and Become You, America’s Next Top Model finalist Marvin Cortes shares tips of his amazing journey from sales associate to rising model.


Providing the hints and advice he wished someone had offered him along his journey to success, Marvin leads the way for others to succeed in a modeling career.

Social Media

Marvin explains how today’s high-tech world holds the key for anyone to achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of.

Contracts & Legal Forms

Marvin bridges the gap for so many new models who have a tough time in this area because they do not have the business expertise to understand the many stipulations of the modeling business.


The Author

As a multifaceted public personality, Marvin has built an established brand, as well as a devoted following and professional network after competing and finishing as a semi-finalist in the hit TV series America’s Next Top Model. His notable finish chartered into a successful career working with conglomerates like GUESS, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Coca-Cola, SEARS, Samsung and many other top brands. The Marvin Cortes brand is basically the epitome of a consistent work ethic highlighted by competency and tenacity with a reach that goes much further than that in the online world. He serves as a culture touchstone for many on social media.


What the readers are saying:

Jahn HallAs a casting director and agent for many years, I think it’s so important now than ever for models to understand how the industry works and how to conduct oneself on and off set. Marvin has really broken down the hurdles and obstacles many new models must overcome and gives useful tips to avoid costly mistakes most models learn the hard way. Read this book, study It, and apply it to your work if you want to stand apart from the many models wandering without direction or guidance.
Jahn Hall
Mother Agent & Casting Director
Alissa Ann While I recommend this book to all models, as a female model I can't tell you how informative and essential this book is. In an industry that can be filled with predators and sketchy people, Marvin's advice and insight comes across like the older brother who doesn't want anything bad to happen to you as you begin your journey into modeling and beyond. Marvin really cares for the reader and isn't afraid to tell it how it is which is so hard to come by in this industry. The transparency, the rawness and realness of this book is so refreshing!
Alissa Ann
Model & Instagram Star
Thomas MartiniI’ve been modeling for 3 years now and this book has really showed me that there is so much for me to do in my career to grow it to the level I've dreamed of. This industry can be very hard to break into and even harder to stay relevant and working so it’s really wonderful that someone like Marvin would share his mistakes and really give a peek behind the curtain of the modeling industry for our benefit. I recommend this book to anyone looking to begin modeling or someone who is looking for direction after modeling in different fashion markets like me.
Thomas Martini
Male Model & Instagram Star

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